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Information for Health Professionals

The NSW Education Program for Female Genital Mutilation offers a range of services for health professionals.

The professional education program targets health care professionals, counsellors, youth workers, education and welfare workers and police. Training offered covers clinical case management and psychosocial counselling responses to FGM in order to equip workers to provide care in a sensitive, non-judgemental manner to women and girls affected by FGM.

For further information on the NSW Education Program on FGM's Training & Education Program contact:
Linda George

Email : Linda George

Download a copy of the NSW Education Program on FGM Booklet

Training Workshop

Providing culturally appropriate care for women, girls and families affected by female genital mutilation

This workshop is aimed at all professionals who may come into contact with women, girls and families affected by FGM.

Issues covered:

  • How is FGM embedded in culture?
  • Why and where is it practiced?
  • How does it affect women?
  • NSW Legislation.
  • How to work with women affected by FGM.

Morning tea provided. Traning manual and Certificate included.

This program equates to five and a half (5.5) CPD hours (NSW College of Nursing)

The two hour training for midwives equates to two midplus points (2) CPD hours (Australian College of Midwives)

For further information contact Denise Maguire  


Last Updated 01 Oct 2015


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