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Information and Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service (CCAS)

Our Clients
The TMHC Information and Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service can assist anyone from a culturally and linguistically diverse community (CALD) living in NSW, who is experiencing a mental health issue.

We help a wide range of people, from those experiencing early symptoms of mental illness, distress or anxiety to those who have been diagnosed with serious and chronic conditions.

The service is free and is available to individuals, families, children, young people, adults and older people.

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Information and consultation about mental health and cultural issues.
  • Information about Government and non-government health and welfare services for people of CALD backgrounds.
  • Clinical intervention using bilingual clinicians

How to make a referral

Anyone can make a referral to the Information and Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service. We receive referrals from service providers, family members and from clients themselves.

The first point of contact with the information and Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service are our Clinical Consultants. They are responsible for the provision of information, advice, support and referrals to other agencies.

When you contact our service,our Clinical Consultant will clarify the nature of the issues and how our service can best assist. They will match you with a clinician who has the cultural and clinical expertise most suited to meet the your or your client’s needs. The allocated clinician will then make direct contact with you or your client and arrange a consultation at a suitable time and venue.

Clinical Consultants can also discuss cross cultural and case management issues with service providers. If appropriate a consultation with a bilingual clinician will be arranged.

To contact our Information and Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service call
02 9912 3851 or Toll free 1800 648 911

Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm

Bilingual Clinicians

Our Information and Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service clinicians are drawn from apool of 125 bilingual mental health clinicians speaking over 50 community languages.

These sessional workers are experienced clinicians with expertise in working cross-culturally in a variety of health and welfare settings. They are drawn from a range of professions including social work, psychology, mental health nursing, occupational therapy and psychiatry.

The role of our bilingual clinicians is to provide:

  • Psychosocial, psychological and psychiatric assessments
  • Family assessments
  • Psychoeducation for clients and their families
  • Grief and trauma counselling
  • Short-term therapy

Outcome of Intervention

At the conclusion of the intervention, the bilingual clinician will provide a clinical report. This report may be provided to the client or with the client's permission may be sent to the referrer.

The bilingual clinician will make recommendations and refer the client to appropriate follow up services where necessary.

Rural and Remote Areas of NSW

Clients from rural and remote areas of NSW can be seen face to face, contacted via telephone or through telemedicine facilities.

Clinical outreach services have been established in several locations. 

These include a clinical outreach service for people of Portuguese, Italian and Macedonian background living in the Illawarra area, in partnership with the Illawarra Multicultural Health Unit.

An additional outreach service is in operation in Queanbeyan, targeting men of Macedonian background, in partnership with the Greater Southern Area Health Service.

Plans for further outreach services are currently underway.

Find out more about our Rural and Remote program.


Last Updated: 21 Mar 2016

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