Mental Health Month 2019 Share the Journey in the Community 


Mental Health Month NSW is part of a national mental health promotion campaign held throughout October each year. The campaign aims to increase awareness and promote mental health and wellbeing for all people living in NSW. Mental Health Month is coordinated by WayAhead – Mental Health Association NSW.

The theme for Mental Health Month 2019 is Share the Journey. This theme highlights the importance of sharing the journey towards mental health and wellbeing with our family, friends and communities.

Mental Health Month Events for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

TMHC is participating in a wide range of events during Mental Health Month 2019. Visit our Mental Health Month Calendar to find out what's happening to celebrate Mental Health Month 2019!

Resources for Mental Health Month

TMHC distributes a wide range of our multilingual resources during Mental Health Month. To download  our multilingual mental health resources yourself or to find out how to order hard copies visit the Multilingual Resources section of our website

For more information about TMHC Mental Health Month activities please contact Michele Sapucci, Program Leader, Mental Health Promotion, Prevention & Early Intervention at:

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