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The Transcultural Mental Health Centre Knowledge Hub aims to link you with the latest research and resources relevant to the mental health of culturally and linguistically diverse people in Australia.

The Knowledge Hub includes items published since October 2017. Clicking on the title of the resource will take you directly to the publisher's website. Where available we have included links to the full text of items. If the full text is not freely available online, your hospital or local council library can assist you to locate the full text.

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New in October

Title Author Source
Resettlement experiences of African migrants in Australia and how they affect mental health Ikafa I. & Perry L. Mental Health Practice (2019) Vol 22 issue 5
The changing face of disability and refugee services and policy in Australia: Implications for social work. Hirsch, A., et al. Social Work and Policy Studies: Social Justice, Practice and Theory (2019) 2(1).
Still outside the tent Cultural diversity and disability in a time of reform – a rapid review of evidence Mortimer, P. Settlement Services International (2018) Occasional Paper. 2
Determinants of Mental Illness Among Humanitarian Migrants: Longitudinal Analysis of Findings From the First Three Waves of a Large Cohort Study Cooper, S. & Enticott, J.C. Frontiers in Psychiatry (2019) 2 August
Implementing a Need-Adapted Stepped-Care Model for Mental Health of Refugees: Preliminary Data of the State-Funded Project “RefuKey” Trilesnik, B. & Altunoz,U. et al; Frontiers in Psychiatry (2019) 27 September
People's use and experiences of mental health care in NSW Bureau of Health Information Healthcare in Focus 9th edition (2019)

New in September

Title Author Source
Actions to support older Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People: A guide for aged care providers Australian Government, Department of Health Aged Care Sector Committee Diversity Sub-group (2019)
Aging in Australia: country of birth and language preferences of residents in aged care facilities Petrov, L. & Joyce, C. et al; Australian Health Review (2019) 43 (1)
Assessing Haleema, Kasim, Cheng and Gloria Khawaja, N. G. InPsych (2019) 41(2)
Bridging Gaps: Cultural responsiveness in delivering education and employment outcomes for people with disability from CALD communities Bevan, K. Settlement Services International and National Disability Coordination Officer Program
Caring for patients who have been tortured in detention The Lancet (2019) Volume 393, Issue 10191
Childrearing Practices Among Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Australia: a Systematic Review Mugadza, H. T. & Mujeyi, B. et al; Journal of Child and Family Studies. Published online 21 May 2019
Do multilingual androids dream of a better life in Australia? Effectiveness of information technology for government translation to support refugees and migrants in Australia, O'Mara, B. & Carey, G. Australian Journal of Public Administration (2019) 1– 23
Effectiveness of Psychological Interventions on Young Refugees' Social Adjustment: A Meta-analysis Forooshani, S. A. & Izadikhah, Z et al; Journal of Refugee Studies (2019) fez035
Experiences of Health Care among Refugee and Asylum Seeker Residents in Regional Victoria Bourke, L. & Malatzky, C. et al; Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education (2019) 9(3 ) Article 1000658
Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan, 2019. The consumer and carer perspective National Mental Health Commission 2019
Healthy Eating in Australia - Multilingual videos for newly arrived refugees and migrants. Available in Arabic, Karen, Dari, Tibetan and English Promoting Health Outcomes for Refugees (2019)
I loved him and he scared me: Migrant women, partner visas and domestic violence Jelinic, A. B. Emotion, Space and Society 32 (2019) 100582
Identifying distinctive psychological symptom profiles among a nationally representative sample of refugees resettled in Australia Nickerson, A. & Hadzi-Palovic, D. et al; Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (2019) online first
Islam and Muslims oppose violence towards women. A Guide for women. The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights (2019)
Multicultural Youth Australia Census Status Report 2017/18 Wyn, J. & Khan, R. et al; University of Melbourne, Youth Research Centre & Research Unit in Public Cultures (2018)
NSW Mental Health Act 2017 (no. 8) Guide Book. 6th Edition incorporating the 2015 Mental Health Act Amendments Health Education and Training Institute 2019
Opportunities to respond to forced marriage within Australia’s domestic and family violence framework: issues paper Vidal, L. Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand (2019)
Residency without citizenship: Korean immigration and settlement in Australia Hundt, D. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 28(1), 28–52. 2019
Settlement and employment outcomes of black African immigrants in Southeast Queensland, Australia Udah, H. & Singh, P. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 28(1), 53–74 (2019)
Stronger Together: The impact of family separation on refugees Gardener, L. & Costello, C. Oxfam Australia (2019)
Suicide and Self-Harm in Recent Immigrants in Ontario, Canada: A Population-Based Study Saunder, S. R. & Chiu, M. et al; The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry (2019) Article first published online
The culture, mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of Rohingya refugees: a systematic review Tay, A. K. & Riley, A. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences (2019) First Published online
The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health Trent, M. & Dooley, D. G. et al; Pediatrics (2019) Vol.144 (2) August
'We need to raise our voices' Advice from people of refugee backgrounds living with disabilities and their carers Furneaux, S. and Korkees, D. The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc. (2019)