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  1. 1. ‘No one would even know if I had died in my room’: coronavirus leaves international students in dire straits - August 2020    Many international students in private rental housing in Sydney and Melbourne were struggling before COVID-19 hit. The surveys reported in this article of these students before and during the pandemic show it has made their already precarious situations much worse.
  2. 2. A Longitudinal Investigation of Discrimination and Mental Health in Chinese International Students: The Role of Social Connectedness - May 2021    Race-based discrimination is associated with negative mental health outcomes for Chinese international students. Host and ethnic social connectedness have been demonstrated to buffer the effects of discrimination on mental health. However, most studies thus far have utilized cross-sectional designs. The current study was a longitudinal investigation of the effects of race- and language-based discrimination on anxiety and depression symptoms among 210 Chinese international students studying in the U.S.
  3. 3. As If We Weren’t Humans: The Abandonment of Temporary Migrants in Australia During COVID-19 - September 2020    This report presents findings from an online survey of 6,105 international students and visa holders, on their experiences in Australia during COVID-19. The study reveals the depth of social exclusion, racism and deeper emotional consequences of Australia’s policies, which have significantly impacted Australia’s global reputation.
  4. 4. Building Resilience in Transcultural Adolescents: an Evaluation of a Group Program - August 2019    This study investigates the effectiveness of Building Resilience in Transcultural Australians (BRiTA Futures) for Adolescents, a strengths-based group intervention developed to build the resilience of culturally and linguistically diverse adolescents who experience acculturation in the context of their migration and resettlement journey.
  5. 5. Can we talk? Seven year youth mental health report 2012-2018 - October 2019    This reported investigated rates of psychological distress experienced by young people in Australia who are aged 15-19. It also examined the concerns, general wellbeing and help-seeking behaviours of the close to 27,000 participants of the 2018 Youth Survey aged 15-19, including those who are experiencing psychological distress – highlighting the vital role that friends, parents, services, schools and the internet play as sources of help for young people who are struggling with their mental health
  6. 6. Cultural, individual, and familial risk and protective factors associated with depressive symptoms in pacific youth living in New Zealand - November 2018    his article examines cultural, individual, and familial risk and protective factors associated with depressive symptoms in Pacific youth living in New Zealand. Gaining more knowledge about modifiable risk and protective factors that contribute to depression in Pacific youth is an important tool to support new approaches that promote adaptive psychological adjustment during adolescence.
  7. 7. Interpersonal problems and acculturative stress over time among Chinese international students from mainland China and Taiwan - September 2018    This study focuses on examining the role of interpersonal problems on the acculturative stress if Chinese international students in the United States.
  8. 8. Nearness and distance: the double-sided nature of belonging for young refugees in Australia - June 2020    This article explores the concept of belonging for a group of young Somali refugees living in Australia. The article firstly discusses refugee young people's access to and transitions between contexts and communities that enhance their belonging and broaden their opportunities to participate. Secondly, the article shows how efforts to belong to youth communities can, in fact, entrench other kinds of marginalisation.
  9. 9. People from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds: An open access annotated bibliography  - August 2019    This annotated bibliography summaries literature that focuses on refugees and asylum seekers (and to a lesser extent CALD migrants more broadly). The bibliography offers a snapshot of some of the available literature that relates to refugees and access to, participation in, and transition out of higher education; schooling and refugee youth; adult education; resettlement of refugees; employment of refugees and CALD migrants in resettlement contexts; people seeking asylum in Australia; discourses and media narratives relating to forced migration; methodological and ethical discussions relating to research with refugees and citizenship and refugees.
  10. 10. People from refugee and asylum- seeking backgrounds: An open access annotated bibliography (3rd edition) - December 2020    This open access annotated bibliography, has been curated by a collective of scholars who share an interest in the impacts of forced migration on people from refugee, asylum seeking and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) migrant backgrounds. These resources are intended to be shared with the international community of researchers, students, educators and practitioners who work with, or are interested in, forced migration, education, employment and resettlement.