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  1. 1.  Her cry is my cry: resettlement experiences of refugee women at risk recently resettled in Australia - May 2018    Refugee women entering resettlement countries on woman-at-risk visas represent a particularly vulnerable population. While their specific gender-based resettlement will likely differ from the general refugee population, little is known about their experiences of early resettlement, with which to inform resettlement policy and practice. This research aimed to explore lived experiences of recently resettled refugee women at risk in Australia.
  2. 2.  Prevention of violence against women and safer pathways to services for migrant and refugee communities - April 2020    The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects with Action Research (CALD PAR) initiative involved 26 projects across Australia aimed at preventing violence against women and creating safer pathways to crisis and support services that respond to family violence in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities. This report provides insights for policy-makers and practitioners in the family violence sector about “what works” in this area through collaboration with CALD communities.
  3. 3. (Re)Claiming social capital: improving language and cultural pathways for students from refugee backgrounds into Australian higher education - May 2018    This report explores students from refugee backgrounds' movements into the Australian higher education sector with a view to developing programs and strategies to support these students to participate meaningfully and achieve meaningful success in their studies.
  4. 4. ‘Putting salt on the wound’: a qualitative study of the impact of FGM-safeguarding in healthcare settings on people with a British Somali heritage living in Bristol, UK - June 2020    This research documents the experiences of people with Somali heritage with female genital mutilation (FGM)-safeguarding services in healthcare and whether such services are considered appropriate by the people who encounter them.
  5. 5. ‘Tell Your Story’: a randomized controlled trial of an online intervention to reduce mental health stigma and increase help-seeking in refugee men with posttraumatic stress - July 2019    Refugees report elevated rates of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but are relatively unlikely to seek help for their symptoms. Mental health stigma is a key barrier to help-seeking amongst refugees. This research evaluated the efficacy of an online intervention in reducing self-stigma and increasing help-seeking in refugee men. Findings suggest that evidence-based stigma reduction strategies are beneficial in targeting self-stigma related to help-seeking and increasing help-seeking amongst refugees.
  6. 6. ‘We all slept in the car, five of us’. Young refugees talk about being homeless in Australia - August 2019    One of the biggest challenges young people of refugee background face in their new country is finding safe, affordable and appropriate housing. Insecure housing is, in turn, one of the most significant predictors of mental health problems among refugees.
  7. 7. “Crazy person is crazy person. It doesn’t differentiate”: an exploration into Somali views of mental health and access to healthcare in an established UK Somali community - November 2020    This study was conducted in an established UK Somali community in the South West of England and aimed to explore community beliefs and views about the causes of mental illness, treatment for mental illness, and access to medical services in general.
  8. 8. “Shisha No Thanks” Online Training Module - September 2020    This Training Module is designed for community workers who talk with clients from Arabic speaking or other culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds about “shisha” smoking. The module discusses: The harms of shisha smoking, how to have conversations with clients or community members about the negative health impacts of shisha smoking and where to refer clients for further support to quit shisha smoking.
  9. 9. A mental health framework from the voices of refugees - October 2021    Refugee groups fleeing war and violence and resettling in the West are one of the population groups that are poorly understood. Understanding their mental health challenges and providing effective and evidence-based interventions continue to be formidable challenges. This study presents a refugee mental health framework [RMHF] that was developed to address the gaps in understanding and responding to the needs of refugee populations by prioritizing their voices, and incorporating lessons learned from working with these refugee communities into the development of the framework.
  10. 10. A model explaining refugee experiences of the Australian healthcare system: a systematic review of refugee perceptions - October 2019    Refugees have significant unmet health needs. Delivering services to refugees continues to be problematic in the Australian healthcare system. This systematic review and thematic synthesis of the literature explored refugee perceptions of the Australian healthcare system.