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  1. 1. Advance care planning resources for culturally and linguistically diverse communities - October 2018    Advance care planning information for individuals and their families has been translated in to 16 languages and includes audio, online and downloadable print resources to address the needs of Australia’s ageing, multicultural population.
  2. 2. Aging in Australia: country of birth and language preferences of residents in aged care facilities - September 2019    The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence of people living in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) who were born in non-English-speaking countries and/or have a preferred language other than English and to describe service utilisation rates.
  3. 3. Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Quality of Interpreting Services to Refugee Women in New Zealand - July 2020    A significant number of people have been displaced from their country of origin and become refugees. Good health is essential for refugees to actively engage and take up opportunities within the society in their host countries. However, negotiating a new and unfamiliar health system hinders refugees’ ability to access and make use of the available health services. Communication difficulties due to language barriers are the most commonly cited challenges faced by refugees in accessing and utilizing health services post-resettlement. This study aimed to examine effectiveness of interpreting services for refugee women in New Zealand.
  4. 4. Bilingual and Multilingual Psychologists Practising in Australia: An Exploratory Study of Their Skills, Training Needs and Experiences - November 2018    This exploratory study of bilingual/multilingual psychologists in Australia aimed to investigate self‐perceived language skills, multicultural counselling competency, and professional development needs; understand training and practice experiences; and seek recommendations for policy and practice.
  5. 5. Communicating about COVID-19: Health literacy and language services during the pandemic - November 2020    This paper presents the results of consultations with several key stakeholders in the multicultural health sector, with individuals and organisations involved in the community response to COVID-19, and examined the results of a survey of health consumers regarding their use of interpreting services.
  6. 6. Developing Digital Facilitation of Assessments in the Absence of an Interpreter: Participatory Design and Feasibility Evaluation With Allied Health Groups - May 2018    The aim of this study was to design and evaluate CALD Assist, a tablet app to assist communication between patients and allied health clinicians in the absence of an interpreter. CALD Assist uses key phrases translated into common languages and uses pictorial, written, and voice-over prompts to facilitate communication during basic patient assessment.
  7. 7. Do multilingual androids dream of a better life in Australia? Effectiveness of information technology for government translation to support refugees and migrants in Australia, - September 2019    This study systematically reviewed the peer‐reviewed and grey literature to determine effective ways of using information technology for translating government information to refugees and migrants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Australia.
  8. 8. Do the languages migrants use in private and emotional domains define their cultural belonging more than the passport they have? - February 2019    This study focuses on migrants’ sense of belonging to the heritage and the host culture by examining whether the cognitive and emotional acceptance of the language of the host country contribute to enforcing participants’ sense of belonging to the relevant culture.
  9. 9. Experience of interpreter access and language discordant clinical encounters in Australian health care: a mixed methods exploration - September 2018    Current evidence suggests that language discordant clinical encounters can compromise patient quality of care and health outcomes. This study aimed to characterise patterns of interpreter service use in medical inpatient wards use and explore clinician experience of language discordance in an Australian setting.
  10. 10. Health Translations Podcast - January 2019    The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health has developed this five-part podcast series for Health Translations Victoria explores the way language, culture and health interact.