Maria-Lujza (Marylou) Ghyczy

Email: Marylou Ghyczy
Phone: (02) 9840 3898

After completing her studies in Applied Social Science, Marylou has been working in welfare and with disadvantaged young people as well as doing research prior to joining the Transcultural Mental Health Centre over 10 years ago. Marylou is responsible for the overall coordination of the Multicultural Problem Gambling Service for NSW. This includes the planning and implementation of gambling prevention initiatives targeting communities from culturally and linguistically diverse background; liaison with various stakeholders; organisation of community awareness programs and service provider training; management of and reporting on all aspects of the program.

Eric Ho


Bilingual Counsellor
Email: Eric Ho
Telephone: (02) 8838 6241

Eric is responsible for an ethnic specific project on harm minimization of gambling and raising awareness of problem gambling in the Chinese speaking community through the provision of culturally appropriate confidential counselling service to those with gambling related issues and the engagement of service promotion in the community. He works in collaboration with other stakeholders and agencies for client referral and consultancy, and conducts awareness presentation on problem gambling and mental health issues in various community settings.

Eric 主要負責一個華人社區問題賭博服務計劃。這計劃是向受賭博問題影響的人士及其家人提供適合華人文化的保密輔導服務。他也樂意跟其他機構合作,接受客戶轉介,在社區進行服務推廣,從而減低賭博所造成的損害和提高華人社區對問題賭博的警覺性;同時也會到社區主講有關問題賭博或其他促進精神健康的講座。

Nurcan Kiyak

Bilingual Counsellor (Turkish)
Email: Nurcan Kiyak
Phone: (02) 9840 3329

Nurcan’s responsibilities include clinical counselling in issues of problem gambling and mental health. Also includes training in cross-cultural issues and psycho-education in issues of problem gambling in Turkish communities across NSW; promoting 'Responsible Gambling' and MPGS through community development activities; accepts referrals from service providers, provision of specialist clinical and cross-cultural consultancy; supportive counselling for the family of problem gamblers; liaising with other RGF Services (financial counselling and legal aid), face to face / telephone counselling for problem gamblers in Turkish.

Ian Koh

Bilingual Clinical Consultant
Email: Ian Koh
Phone: (02) 9840 6206

Ian consults with individuals and service providers on clinical issues pertaining to problem gambling and mental health, with specific focus and interest on culturally and linguistically diverse communities. This is facilitated through the provision of intake and triage service for clients and service providers, counselling and support for problem gambling individuals and their families. Community engagement is regularly sought through community development activities and through the establishment of partnerships and referral pathways with relevant networks and agencies.

Elizabeth Lee

Bilingual Financial Counsellor
Email: Elizabeth Lee
Phone: (02) 8838 2011 

Elizabeth provides financial counselling to problem gamblers and their families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in NSW. As a financial counsellor Elizabeth's role is to provide options to address financial difficulties and assist with organising personal finances and developing a budget. Elizabeth does this by discussing alternative strategies with clients, acting as an advocate, making appropriate referrals and providing useful resources.

Julian Yau

Bi-lingual Counsellor
Email: Julian Yau
Phone: (02) 8838 2015

Julian is a part-time Bi-lingual Counsellor who provides face to face and telephone counselling services to problem gamblers and their family members from CALD background. He is also involved in mental health promotion, especially Responsible Gambling and Problem Gambling Prevention through developing community engagement events, inter-agency forums and training workshops with a wide range of health practitioners and RGF stakeholders. Julian also practises counselling and promotion in Chinese.

作為一名雙語( 華語和英語)的賭博輔導員, 我的主要工作是透過面對面和電話的談話向來自異文化和言語背景問題賭博人仕和其親人提供賭博輔導, 協助他們解决因賭博带来的問题。除此之外, 我參與社區活動,講座與别的機構同工聯系,共同推動精神心理健康教育,尤其是對華人社區和組織宣傳負責任賭博及加强對問题賭博的警覺。

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