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  1. search file icon1. COVID-19 and mental health in culturally diverse settings FAQs - COVID-19 and mental health in culturally diverse settings FAQS   3 star relevancy Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and mental health in culturally diverse settings  - Last Modified 8 Jul 2020
  2. search file icon2. New Research and Resources - June 2020   3 star relevancy Check out all the latest research and resources in transcultural mental health  - Last Modified 23 Jun 2020
  3. search file icon3. COVID-19 Resources for CALD communities - COVID-19 Resources for CALD Communities   3 star relevancy Resources about COVID-19 in multiple languages and information about looking after your mental health for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communties  - Last Modified 6 Aug 2020
  4. search file icon4. Events and training - April 2020   3 star relevancy Upcoming Conferences, Events and Training.  - Last Modified 21 Apr 2020
  5. search file icon5.  New Research and Resources - April 2020   3 star relevancy Check out all the latest sector research and resources  - Last Modified 21 Apr 2020
  6. search file icon6. Free online courses during COVID-19 - April 2020   3 star relevancy THIS WAY UP is offering free access to its online anxiety and depression courses during COVID-19  - Last Modified 20 Apr 2020
  7. search file icon7. Financial counselling at MPGS - April 2020   3 star relevancy Find out how the Multicultural Problem Gambling Service's (MPGS) Financial Counselling Service can help  - Last Modified 20 Apr 2020
  8. search file icon8. Research on the mental health impact of COVID-19 - News and Events   3 star relevancy Learn about and participate in research studies looking at the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and wellbeing.  - Last Modified 20 Jul 2020
  9. search file icon9. From playgroup to preschool – Integrated Diversity Early Education Access (IDEA) - February 2020   3 star relevancy The IDEA Pathway program provides a pathway into early childhood education for children from CALD communties.  - Last Modified 21 Feb 2020
  10. search file icon10. COVID-19 and mental health - April 2020   3 star relevancy This article looks at the mental health impacts of COVID-19  - Last Modified 20 Apr 2020
  11. search file icon11. News  - News   3 star relevancy The latest news from the mental health and multicultural sectors.  - Last Modified 10 Aug 2020
  12. search file icon12. New Research and Resources - December 2019   3 star relevancy Check out all the latest sector research and resources  - Last Modified 11 Dec 2019
  13. search file icon13. Conferences, training and events - October 2019   3 star relevancy Check out all the latest conferences, training and other events.  - Last Modified 17 Oct 2019
  14. search file icon14. Living Library Video Series - October 2019   3 star relevancy The Living Library video series was recently launched for Mental Health Month to celebrate the theme Share the Journey.  - Last Modified 17 Oct 2019
  15. search file icon15. Welcome Samantha Eid and Siobhan Kelly - October 2019   3 star relevancy TMHC is pleased to welcome Samantha Eid and Siobhan Kelly to our program focussed on building the mental health of new and emerging refugee populations as Mental Health Consultants.  - Last Modified 24 Oct 2019
  16. search file icon16. Mental Health Month October 2019 - October 2019   3 star relevancy October is Mental Health Month and this year the theme is 'Share the Journey'  - Last Modified 24 Oct 2019
  17. search file icon17. Small grants for Perinatal Depression & Anxiety (PNDA) Awareness Week  - News and Events   3.5 star relevancy WayAhead have a number of small grants available for organisations and groups to assist with their events for PNDA week.  - Last Modified 30 Sep 2019
  18. search file icon18. 28 October Anxiety and depression in older CALD people    3.5 star relevancy Healthy Aging Forum and Expo  - Last Modified 23 Sep 2019
  19. search file icon19. Multicultural Health Week 2–8 September 2019 - August 2019   3 star relevancy The theme for Multicultural Health Week 2019 is Health Literacy of New and Emerging Communities.  - Last Modified 5 Sep 2019
  20. search file icon20. WayAhead’s NSW Wellbeing Survey 2019 - August 2019   3 star relevancy WayAhead is asking people what good mental health and wellness looks like and what they need.  - Last Modified 27 Aug 2019
  21. search file icon21. New research and resources - August 2019   3 star relevancy Take a look at the latest transcultural mental health research and resources.  - Last Modified 14 Oct 2019
  22. search file icon22.  New Research and Resources - April 2019   3 star relevancy Take a look at the latest transcultural mental health research and resources.  - Last Modified 11 Apr 2019
  23. search file icon23. Our Local – New website for children and young people launched - April 2019   3.5 star relevancy Our Local website for children and young people. Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program Treatment Program for PTSD. Call for Papers – Transcultural Psychiatry.  - Last Modified 11 Apr 2019
  24. search file icon24.  Looking after your mental health following traumatic events - April 2019   3 star relevancy Tragic events and community violence such as the recent attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand and Sri Lanka can be distressing for all of us.  - Last Modified 30 Apr 2019
  25. search file icon25. Caring for Someone with Anxiety and/or Depression Survey - News and Events   3.5 star relevancy Everymind is currently developing a new online program to support the mental health of carers...  - Last Modified 3 Apr 2019
  26. search file icon26. Migrant women are particularly vulnerable to technology-facilitated domestic abuse - February 2019   3 star relevancy Migrant women with temporary visa status are particularly vulnerable when it comes to domestic and family violence. That vulnerability is intensified when you add technology to the mix.  - Last Modified 22 Feb 2019
  27. search file icon27. Celebrating Lunar New Year - February 2019   3 star relevancy February 5 this year marked Chinese (or Lunar) New Year. This year we celebrate the Year of the Pig.  - Last Modified 22 Feb 2019
  28. search file icon28. Do you know someone caring for a family member or friend with a mental illness? - February 2019   3 star relevancy The Transcultural Mental Health Centre Carer Support Program provides support and information for carers from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities who are looking after someone experiencing mental illness.  - Last Modified 22 Feb 2019
  29. search file icon29. News 2019 - News   3 star relevancy News 2019  - Last Modified 23 Jan 2020
  30. search file icon30. 15 October Anxiety and Depression    3.5 star relevancy Egyptian Seniors, Multicultural Health, SESLHD  - Last Modified 23 Sep 2019
  31. search file icon31. 4 October Anxiety, Depression and Managing Stress    3.5 star relevancy Anglicare NSW  - Last Modified 23 Sep 2019
  32. search file icon32. 17 October Depression, Anxiety and Stress    3.5 star relevancy Bangladeshi women, Metro Assist  - Last Modified 23 Sep 2019
  33. search file icon33. Yazidi community    3 star relevancy Provides information and resources about the Yazidi people  - Last Modified 13 May 2019
  34. search file icon34. Shared Stories 故事分享  - Shared Stories 故事分享   3 star relevancy Personal stories of people affected by problem gambling  - Last Modified 17 Jul 2019
  35. search file icon35. Assessment tools and guidelines for working with refugees    3 star relevancy Assessment tools and guidelines for working with refugees from the conflict in Syria  - Last Modified 13 Jul 2018
  36. search file icon36. Mental health of women and children    3.5 star relevancy Research about the mental health of women and child refugees from the conflict in Syria.  - Last Modified 13 Jul 2018
  37. search file icon37. Useful Links    3 star relevancy Links to useful mental health and CALD organisations.  - Last Modified 22 Oct 2019
  38. search file icon38. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)    3 star relevancy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  - Last Modified 8 May 2020
  39. search file icon39. Cross-cultural Mental Health Assessment    3 star relevancy Cross-cultural assessment guidelines and tools  - Last Modified 16 Aug 2019
  40. search file icon40. Multilingual Mental Health Assessment Tools    3 star relevancy Provides access to multilingual mental health assessment tools  - Last Modified 11 Dec 2018
  41. search file icon41. Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service - Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service    3 star relevancy Information about the Transcultural Mental Health Centre's Clinical Consultation and Assessment Services  - Last Modified 5 Jun 2020
  42. search file icon42. Lily's Story    3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Shared Stories - Lily's Story  - Last Modified 30 Aug 2019
  43. search file icon43. Finding Bilingual Mental Health Professsionals - Finding Bilingual Mental Health Professionals   3 star relevancy Information about specialist mental health services for culturally and linguistically diverse patients  - Last Modified 3 Dec 2018
  44. search file icon44. Kenneth's Story    3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Shared Stories - Kenneth's Story  - Last Modified 30 Aug 2019
  45. search file icon45. Hatice's Story    3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Shared Stories - Hatice's Story  - Last Modified 30 Aug 2019
  46. search file icon46. Clementina's Story    3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Shared Stories Clementina's Story  - Last Modified 30 Aug 2019
  47. search file icon47. Branka's Story    3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Shared Stories - Branka's Story  - Last Modified 2 Sep 2019
  48. search file icon48. Resources for Carers    3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Links to resources for carers  - Last Modified 20 May 2020
  49. search file icon49. Andrej's Story - Andrej's story   3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Shared Stories - Andrej's Story  - Last Modified 22 Jan 2020
  50. search file icon50. Family Help Kit    3 star relevancy This booklet contains information on child and adolescent behaviour, challenging behaviours, grief and loss, fears and anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, suicide prevention, psychosis and body image and eating disorders.  - Last Modified 24 Oct 2018