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  1. search file icon51. Yazidi community    3 star relevancy Provides information and resources about the Yazidi people
  2. search file icon52. Shared Stories 故事分享  - Shared Stories 故事分享   3 star relevancy Personal stories of people affected by problem gambling
  3. search file icon53. Vital for Australia to invest in mental health from birth to 12 years - News and Events   3 star relevancy The National Mental Health Commission has called for more investment in mental health for children.
  4. search file icon54. Assessment tools and guidelines for working with refugees    3 star relevancy Assessment tools and guidelines for working with refugees from the conflict in Syria
  5. search file icon55. Useful Links    3 star relevancy Links to useful mental health and multicultural organisations.
  6. search file icon56. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)    3 star relevancy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  7. search file icon57. Cross-cultural Mental Health Assessment    3 star relevancy Cross-cultural assessment guidelines and tools
  8. search file icon58. Multilingual Mental Health Assessment Tools    3 star relevancy Provides access to multilingual mental health assessment tools
  9. search file icon59. Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service - Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service    3 star relevancy Services provided and referral process for our clinical services.
  10. search file icon60. Lily's Story - China - Lily's Story   3 star relevancy China
  11. search file icon61. Finding Bilingual Mental Health Professsionals - Finding Bilingual Mental Health Professionals   3 star relevancy Information about specialist mental health services for culturally and linguistically diverse patients
  12. search file icon62. Kenneth's Story - Vietnam - Kenneth's Story   3 star relevancy Vietnam
  13. search file icon63. Hatice's Story - Turkey - Hatice's Story   3 star relevancy Turkey
  14. search file icon64. Clementina's Story - Chile - Clementina's Story   3 star relevancy Chile
  15. search file icon65. Branka's Story Serbia - Branka's Story   3 star relevancy Serbia
  16. search file icon66.  Resources for Carers - Resources for Carers   3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Links to resources for carers
  17. search file icon67. Resources for Carers    3 star relevancy Transcultural Mental Health Centre Links to resources for carers
  18. search file icon68. Andrej's Story - Former Yugoslavia - Andrej's story   3 star relevancy Former Yugoslavia
  19. search file icon69. Family Help Kit    3 star relevancy This booklet contains information on child and adolescent behaviour, challenging behaviours, grief and loss, fears and anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, suicide prevention, psychosis and body image and eating disorders.
  20. search file icon70. A Better State of Mental Health for All    3 star relevancy A multilingual, multimedia community awareness campaign promoting the mental health and wellbeing of children, adolescents, young people and families. Published: 2002 Author: John Spiteri, Andrew Sozomenou, Maria Cassaniti, Suzanne Pope, Kym Scanlon
  21. search file icon71. News 2018 - News   3 star relevancy Mental health and multicultural sector News and new resources
  22. search file icon72. Clinical Consultation and Assessment Service    3 star relevancy Services provided and referral process for our clinical services.
  23. search file icon73. Young people and e-safety  - Young people, e-safety and mental health   3 star relevancy Multilingual guides for parents about young people, online safety and mental health.
  24. search file icon74. Suicide Prevention  - Suicide Prevention   3 star relevancy Multilingual resources about suicide prevention.
  25. 75. The role of discrimination, assimilation, and gender in the mental health of resettled Somali young adults: A longitudinal, moderated mediation analysis - November 2021   3 star relevancy Acculturation styles have important associations with future adjustment among immigrants and refugees, yet less is known about the individual and interpersonal factors that influence the strategy an individual adopts. High rates of discrimination may signal the receiving community’s rejection of one’s ethnic group, increasing pressure to assimilate and suppress one’s heritage identity. Within a sample of Somali young adults (18–30, N = 185) resettled in North America, this study tested whether two acculturation styles (assimilation and integration) longitudinally mediate the relation between discrimination and three mental health outcomes (i.e., anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder), and whether gender moderated these relations.