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  1. 1. “I think I am worth it. I can give up committing suicide”: Pathways to recovery for Chinese-Canadian women with a history of suicidal behaviour - January 2019    This qualitative study explored the experiences and patterns of recovery of Chinese-born women living in Canada with a history of suicidal behaviour. It explores a number of dimensions of recovery including clinical, existential, functional, physical, and social.
  2. 2. A cross-cultural study of attitudes toward suicide among young people in India, Italy and Australia - August 2020    An understanding of the cultural aspects of suicidal behavior is essential for the development of culturally appropriate suicide prevention and intervention strategies. This study explored the attitudes toward youth suicide in 686 Italian, Indian and Australian undergraduate students (18–24 years old).
  3. 3. A qualitative study of perceptions of risk and protective factors for suicide among Bhutanese refugees - October 2021    Over 100,000 ethnically Nepalese, “Lhotshampa,” people experienced systematic oppression, disenfranchisement, and violence during the latter part of the twentieth century. The Lhotshampa people were forced to flee their homes in southern Bhutan and enter refugee camps in Nepal for over 20 years. As of this writing, most Bhutanese refugees have been resettled in other countries (primarily the United States, Canada, and Australia). As the two remaining Nepalese refugee camps prepare to close, a growing suicide crisis is developing among many Bhutanese refugees. Bhutanese refugees resettled in the United States are dying by suicide at approximately twice the rate of the general U.S. population. It is crucial to examine, qualitatively, the nature of both risk and protective factors from the perspective of Bhutanese refugees, themselves.
  4. 4. ABS Cause of Death Data Summary 2019 - October 2020    The ABS Causes of Death data provide in-depth statistics information around suicide-related deaths across the country. Mindframe has summarised these statistics for use in policy and decision making, media and communications and in raising community awareness.
  5. 5. Association between suicidal ideation and suicide: meta-analyses of odds ratios, sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive value - February 2019    The expression of suicidal ideation is considered to be an important warning sign for suicide. However, this meta-analysis suggests that the predictive properties of suicidal ideation as a test of later suicide are unclear.
  6. 6. Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Australians: Suicide among refugee and humanitarian entrants and other permanent migrants - November 2023    CALD communities and refugees are identified as priority populations under the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Agreement (the Agreement) (Cth of Australia 2022). Under the Agreement, Commonwealth and State and Territory governments have a shared responsibility to support priority populations who may be at higher risk of mental ill health and suicide due to vulnerability caused by social, economic, and environmental circumstances. While CALD communities have varied experiences, they may also have some shared experiences that contribute to suicide risk factors.
  7. 7. Depression and suicidality in an Afghan refugee: A case report - May 2019    This article reports on the case of a young male refugee from Afghanistan who presented after a violent suicide attempt, likely precipitated in part by discrimination and social isolation experienced after immigrating to the United States. Common psychiatric comorbidities associated with immigration from war-torn nations are reviewed with a particular emphasis on how adequate screening and additional resources for vulnerable refugees during and after immigration continues to be an unmet need.
  8. 8. Gendered racial microaggressions, internalized racism, and suicidal ideation among emerging adult Asian American women - April 2022    Despite suicide being the leading cause of death among emerging adult Asian American women (AAW), little is known about the risk factors. This study tested whether gendered racial microaggressions stress (GRMS) would be associated with AAW’s suicidal ideation, and whether internalized racism (self-negativity, IRSN; weakness stereotypes, IRWS; and appearance bias, IRAB) would exacerbate this link based on self-devaluating implications of internalized racism.
  9. 9. In their words: How to support young people in suicidal distress - September 2022    To address the critical issue of youth suicides effectively, we need to hear the voices of young people. This report is based on consultations with 85 young people, as well as input from 13 organisations that focus on youth suicide prevention and mental health, and a review of published research. These consultations with young people and experts, and the available data and research, make it clear that a key aspect of preventing youth suicides is addressing the too often negative experiences of young people attending ED after attempting suicide or self-harm or at a point of suicidal distress.
  10. 10. Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards suicide among immigrants from the horn of Africa in Victoria, Australia - April 2023    This study explored suicide risks and protective factors in the first generation-immigrants to Victoria, Australia, from five countries of the Horn of Africa. The aim was to contribute towards an effective and culturally sensitive interventions to prevent suicide.