Mr Philip Hilder

Mr Philip Hilder is a Registered Psychologist, a Member of the Hakomi Australia Association, and Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Since 1990 he has provided mental health counselling, and since 2000 he has also offered clinical supervision and training. He has worked for many NGOs and is now in full time private practice at Sydney Integrative Psychology. His particular area of clinical expertise is in recovery from complex developmental trauma, PTSD, personality, dissociative disorders, and addictions. His work is informed by mindful, somatic, experiential and cognitive therapies.


Mr Anthony Piras

Mr Anthony Piras is a Senior Psychologist who works in an outpatient Drug and Alcohol Court Diversion Program at the Royal North Shore Hospital, providing individual therapy, counselling and clinical supervision. He has worked as a Transcultural Sessional Worker since 1994. He has previously worked in a number of mainstream mental health settings, before focussing and obtaining postgraduate qualifications in Alcohol and Drug work. He has a strong ongoing interest in working with clients who have co-morbid mental health and drug and alcohol issues and also works in private practice. His approach in supervision is eclectic, drawing mainly from Cognitive Behavioural, Interpersonal and Psychodynamic Therapies. Supervision groups focus on case presentations and providing a safe nurturing environment for clinicians to learn from their collective experience.


Dr Diba Pourmand

Dr Diba Pourmand is a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in a wide range of therapies and has completed specialised training in the area of family intervention and co-morbidity. Diba has a specialty and many years of clinical experience in working with young adults, adults and families, and is trained in broad range of schools of therapy including existential, cognitive, cognitive and supportive psychotherapy. She also has a strong interest with extensive experience in community health in the area of cultural diversity in mental health. Diba is honorary associate of the Division of Linguistics and Psychology at Macquarie University, and the School of Psychology at University of Western Sydney. Her research interests largely focus on family intervention, early psychosis, relapse prevention and co-morbidity. She has also completed studies on psycho education, cross-cultural family intervention and war related PTSD. 

Ms Hend Saab

Ms Hend Saab is a Senior Psychologist with an MA in psychology and Family Therapy. She has also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Cross Cultural Mental Health and a Clinical Supervision Course. Hend has over 14 years of experience as a bilingual psychologist with St George Mental Health Service where she has worked on a number of projects including family psychoeducation, Arabic women’s perinatal mental health and multicultural mental health. In 2007-2008, Hend was a Family Worker with St George Mental Health Service and involved in training and supporting staff, building resources and providing family education and counselling. Over the last eight years Hend has provided clinical supervision to numerous interns, students, psychologists and volunteers.

Ms Karen Sarmiento

Karen Sarmiento is a Social Worker and Family Therapist currently working at the Walker Unit at Concord Hospital. Krean's area of specialisation is supporting adolescents and families who are struggling with severe mental illness and the impact that this has on family functioning and psychological development. Karen has been practicing for 16yrs and utilises a systemic and psychodynamic lens to think about the presentations she sees. Karen's systemic orientation is influenced by structural and systemic family therapy along with multigenerational family therapy and Bowen family systems theory. Her individual practice centres on the relevance of early life experiences and is informed by object relations and other analytic concepts. Karen is also currently a child and adolescent psychotherapy trainee, with a special interest in the area of trauma and parent-child relational issues.