Syrian Child looking at camera

Since March 2011 the conflict in Syria has created a humanitarian crisis that has seen over 5 million people fleeing the country.

In September 2015, the Australian Government announced 12,000 additional places in its humanitarian visa program for people displaced by the conflict in Syria and Iraq. More information about the Australian Government’s response to the Syrian crisis is available here.

Many refugees from Syria have been exposed to a range of life changing and traumatic experiences such as the loss of loved ones, separation from home, family and community, uncertainty about the future, witnessing and/or being subject to violence and torture, gender based violence and disruption to education. These experiences can all have a dramatic impact on both psychological and physical wellbeing.

This website brings together information and resources to assist service providers to better understand and meet the mental health needs of refugees from Syria and Iraq.


Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program


The Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program (RTRP) at  the University of New South Wales has launched a research study evaluating a new PTSD treatment program for Arabic speaking refugees (download a Flyer in Arabic about the program here PDF 752KB). This is a short-term intervention looking at how emotion regulation training can improve responses to trauma-focused therapy. RTRP  are currently accepting clients who speak Arabic and have a refugee or asylum-seeker background. This service is a free, confidential treatment program, which will take place at Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Sydney (near Westmead Hospital). For further information visit the RTRP website. 

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