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Multicultural Health Week is a state-wide health promotion campaign that takes place between 7 - 13 September in 2020.  Multicultural Health Week is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health and coordinated by the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service.


Multicultural Health Week aims to increase awareness about and address issues that impact on the health of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities across NSW. Over the past few years Multicultural Health Week has highlighted health literacy issues. In 2020 Multicultural Health Week is promoting health literacy and the safe use of medicines. 


The safe use of medicines is an important issue for people with lived experience of mental illness from CALD communities. Cultural beliefs about mental illness and the use of medication may impact on the way that medicines are used by some people from CALD communities. Stigma about mental illness or medication use can impact on adherence to medication regimes, while lack of English language literacy can create difficulty in understanding complex information about medications and how to use them correctly. For some CALD communities the use of alternative treatments may impact on the efficacy of prescribed medications. 


For more information about the medication and mental illness visit the Mental Health Commission of NSW's Medication and Mental Issues Paper. 


Multilingual Information on safe use of medicines


As part of Multicultural Health Week a range of multilingual posters, videos and fact sheets about the safe use of medicines are being developed. These will be available at


You can also download information about the safe use of medicines from the following sites:


Transcultural Mental Health Centre Consumer Medication Brochures
Brochures on Antipsychotic Medications, Benzodiazepines, Bipolar disorder-how medicine can help, Clozapine and Depression - how medicine can help. Available in Arabic, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Dari, English, French, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish and Vietnamese.


NPS Medicine Wise. Providing Translated Health Information
Resources on Antibiotics, Changes to codeine availability in Australia, Medicine Lists, Be MedicineWise Week 2019 posters.
Available in Arabic, Simplified and traditional Chinese, Croatian, French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Not all resources are available in all languages.


Multilingual Webster Pak

The Multilingual Webster Pak provides translated mealtimes and days of the week to assist patients, especially those with dementia, to take medications correctly.

The Pak is available in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, German, Greek, Gujarati, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Maltese, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish,Tagalog, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.


Multicultural Health Communication Service -Topic – Medication Management
Provides access to resources on medication management in a variety of languages. 



For more information about events across Multicultural Health Week visit: