The demographic information below highlights the great diversity of our population in NSW. 


Languages Spoken in NSW


A language other than English is spoken in 29.5% of households in NSW. 26.6% of people in NSW use a language other than English at home. The top five languages other than English spoken across the state are Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Hindi.

Top Languages used at home in NSW

Language Number
Speaks English only 5,457,982
Mandarin 270,685
Arabic 227,243
Cantonese 148,943
Vietnamese 117,907
Hindi 80,051
Greek 78,691
Spanish 71,868
Nepali 68,148
Italian 64,039
Korean 62,319
Total population 8,072,163 


Country of Birth


Most people in NSW were born in Australia. The proportion of people who were born overseas has increased over time. In 1971, 19.1% of people were born overseas. This increased to 27.6% in 2016, and 29.3% in 2021.

Top Countries of Birth in NSW

Country of Birth Number
Australia 5,277,591
China (excludes SARs and Taiwan) 247,595
England 231,385
India 208,962
New Zealand 118,527
Philippines 106,930
Vietnam 97,995
Nepal 64,946
Lebanon 63,293
Iraq 55,353
Korea, Republic of (South) 53,046


Statistics presented here are derived from: Australian Bureau of Statistics, New South Wales 2021 Census Community Profiles General Community Profile


For further information download our NSW Demographic Fact sheet (PDF 1.1MB)