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The Transcultural Mental Health Centre Knowledge Hub aims to link you with the latest research and resources relevant to the mental health of culturally and linguistically diverse people in Australia.

The Knowledge Hub includes items published since October 2017. Clicking on the title of the resource will take you directly to the publisher's website. Where available we have included links to the full text of items. If the full text is not freely available online, your hospital or local council library can assist you to locate the full text.

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Title Author Source
COVID-19 and Refugee and Immigrant Youth: A Community-Based Mental Health Perspective Endale, T. & St. Jean, N. et al. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (2020) Advance online publication.
Cultural adaptation of the mental health first aid guidelines for depression used in English-speaking countries for China: a Delphi expert consensus study Lu, H. & Li, W. et al. BMC Psychiatry 20, 336 (2020)
The safety of health care for ethnic minority patients: a systematic review Chauhan, A. & Walton, M. et al. International Journal for Equity in Health 19, Article number: 118 (2020)
Foundations for Belonging: A snapshot of newly arrived refugees Culos, I. & Rajwani, H. et al. Settlement Services International/Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University 2020
Depression-level symptoms among Syrian refugees: findings from a Canadian longitudinal study Ahmad, F. & Othman, N et al. Journal of Mental Health (2020)
Improving the mental wellbeing of Arabic speaking refugees: an evaluation of a mental health promotion program Slewa-Younan, S. & McKenzie, M. et al. BMC Psychiatry 20, Article number: 314 (2020)
Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Quality of Interpreting Services to Refugee Women in New Zealand Shrestha-Ranjit, J. & Payne, D. et al. Qualitative Health Research (2020)


New in June


Title Author Source
Psychiatry of Pandemics A Mental Health Response to Infection Outbreak Huremović, D. (Ed.) (2020)
‘Putting salt on the wound’: a qualitative study of the impact of FGM-safeguarding in healthcare settings on people with a British Somali heritage living in Bristol, UK Karlsen, S. & Carver, N. et al. BMJ Open (2020)10, e035039
COVID-19 and ethnicity: who will research results apply to? Treweek, S. & Forouhi, N.G. et al. The Lancet Comment Online First June 12 (2020)
COVID-19: A New Challenge for Migration Policy Migration Policy Practice. Vol. X, Number 2, April–June 2020
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Dementia Research Action Plan NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research (2020)
Locked down and locked out? The impact of COVID-19 on employment for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in Victoria. Kellock, W. & Ntalianis, M. Centre for Multicultural Youth (2020)
Mindfulness in challenging times Video in Arabic and English South Eastern Sydney Local Health District & Sydney Local Health District (2020)
Mobile communication and refugees: An analytical review of academic literature Alencar, A. Sociology Compass (2020) e12802
Multicultural and Settlement services Supporting women experiencing violence: The MuSeS Project Vaughan, C. & Block, K. et al. ANROWS (2020)
Multilingual Australia is missing out on vital COVID-19 information. No wonder local councils and businesses are stepping in Grey, A. The Conversation 29 June 2020
Nearness and distance: the double-sided nature of belonging for young refugees in Australia Lindegaard Moensted, M. Social Identities, 26 (2) 2020
The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus and its impact on global mental health Torales, J. & O’Higgins, M. et al. International Journal of Social Psychiatry (2020) 66(4), 317–320
Wasted, manipulated and compressed time: adult refugee students’ experiences of transitioning into Australian higher education Baker, S. & Iriwn, E. Journal of Further and Higher Education (2020) 44:4, 528-541,
Women Migrants in Western Australia: Case Studies of Resilience and Empowerment Dantas, J. A. R. & Strauss, P et al. Social Change (2020) 50(1), 77–94.
Working with interpreters by phone in a family violence setting. Multilingual Tip Sheets InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence (2020)
You are not alone: an online resource for carers of people who have suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide Sane Australia (2020)