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The Transcultural Mental Health Centre Knowledge Hub aims to link you with the latest research and resources relevant to the mental health of culturally and linguistically diverse people in Australia.

The Knowledge Hub includes items published since October 2017. Clicking on the title of the resource will take you directly to the publisher's website. Where available we have included links to the full text of items. If the full text is not freely available online, your hospital or local council library can assist you to locate the full text. If you are a TMHC Clinical Contractor please contact us at [email protected] with details of the reference you require.

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Title Author Source
Do refugees with better mental health better integrate? Evidence from the Building a New Life in Australia longitudinal survey Dang, H -A. H., Trinh, T.-A., and Verme, P. Health Economics (2023) 32(12), 2819–2835.
Exploring the Impact of Family Separation on Refugee Mental Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-narrative Analysis Ali-Naqvi, O. and Alburak, T.A. et al. Psychiatric Quarterly (2023) 94, 61–77
‘I really want to work for me to feel good myself ‘: Health impacts of employment experiences for women from refugee backgrounds in Australia Ziersch, A. and Miller, M. et al. SSM - Qualitative Research in Health (2023) 3, June, 100209
The mental health effects of changing from insecure to secure visas for refugees Nickerson, A. and Byrow, Y. et al. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (2023) 57(11):1486-1495.

New in November


Title Author Source
Cultural competence of mental health practitioners in the Netherlands Hoshmand, S., Knegtering, H. and Spoelstra, S. K. International Journal of Social Psychiatry (2023) October
Curiosity, Compassion and Care: Designing and delivering community-based supports drawing on people’s lived experience of distress and mental ill-health in Australia. University of New England and Everymind National Mental Health Commission (2023)
The Manalagi Survey Community Report: Examining the Health and Wellbeing of Pacific Rainbow+ Peoples in Aotearoa-New Zealand Thomsen, P. and Brown-Acton, P. et al. The Manalagi Project Team: Auckland, New Zealand (2023)
Counter-narratives against hardships among Syrian refugee youth and parents Rommes, E. and Chaer, N. Transcultural Psychiatry (2023)
Mental Health Workforce Profile: Community managed organisations. Mental Health Workforce Report 2023, NSW Ridoutt, L. and Curry, R. et al. Mental Health Coordinating Council (2023)
The lived experiences of resilience among Syrian refugees in the UK: interpretative phenomenological analysis Alachkar, M. BJPsych Bulletin (2023) 47(3), 133-139.
Association between unmet post-arrival expectations and psychological symptoms in recently arrived refugees Copolov, C. and Knowles, A. Transcultural Psychiatry (2023) Vol.60,(1) pp. 114-124.
Suicide rates amongst individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds: A systematic review and meta-analysis Troya, M.I.and Spittal , M.J, et al. EClinical Medicine (2022) Apr 28;47:101399
Suicide in first-generation Australian migrants, 2006–2019: a retrospective mortality study Maheen, H. and King, T. The Lancet Regional Health Western Pacific (2023) 39, 100845, October
Health of refugees and humanitarian entrants in Australia Harvey, N., Ng, P. and Perry, P. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2023)
Changing landscape of paediatric refugee health in South Western Sydney, Australia: a retrospective observational study Amarasena L, and Zwi K, et al. BMJ Open 2023;13:e064497.
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Australians: Suicide among refugee and humanitarian entrants and other permanent migrants Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) (2023)
The moderator roles of depression and anxiety symptoms in the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder and posttraumatic growth in Syrian refugees Alpay, E. H. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. Advance online publication
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Refugees Bryant, R. A and Nickerson, A. et al. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology (2023)Vol.19 pp. 413-436
Opponent intrinsic brain network connectivity profiles associated with posttraumatic fear and dysphoria symptoms in trauma-exposed refugees Liddell, B. J. and Das, P. et al. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (2023)