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Click on the links below to download the Kessler-10 Assessment Form and Information Brochure 'Whose Recovery and Outcome are They Anyway?' in multiple languages.

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K-10 WHO copyright and citation


The K6/K10 scales are available for unrestricted use. Please include the WHO copyright and the citation to the source publication when using:
© World Health Organization 2003
Kessler, R.C., Barker, P.R., Colpe, L.J., Epstein, J.F., Gfroerer, J.C., Hiripi, E., Howes, M.J, Normand, S-L.T., Manderscheid, R.W., Walters, E.E., Zaslavsky, A.M. (2003). Screening for serious mental illness in the general population. Archives of General Psychiatry, 60(2), 184-189.
The main webpage for the scales is: http://www.hcp.med.harvard.edu/ncs/k6_scales.php
For an overview of the K6/K10 scales, see:
Puac-Polanco, V., Ziobrowski, H.N., Zainal, N.H., Sampson, N.A., & Kessler, R.C. (forthcoming ) The K6 and K10 scales. In C. U. Krägeloh, O.N. Medvedev & M. Alyami. (eds). International Handbook of Behavioral Health Assessment. Springer.